When is the right time to grow your team?

You might be wondering if now is the right time to grow your team. Maybe you’ve been thinking about and considering it, but how can you really be sure? Growing your team can be quite scary, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. In this post, I want to take away one of the unknown elements. I’m going to share with you ways  you can tell if now is the time to grow your team and take some of that scariness away.

I’ll cover 11 signs that indicate now might be the right time for you to add new team members to your OBM or VA business. From feeling overwhelmed with daily tasks to hitting a revenue ceiling, these indicators not only help clarify your decision but also prepare you for next steps.

What this post covers:

  • Overflowing Schedule
  • Marketing Standstill
  • Back-to-Back Client Work
  • Skipping Breaks
  • Cutting Corners
  • Zero Planning Time
  • Repetitive Workdays
  • Defensive Client Interactions
  • Drained Creativity
  • Jealousy of Others’ Success
  • Hitting a Revenue Ceiling

Tune in to listen:

1. Overflowing Schedule – An easy metric showing you’re ready to grow your team

If your day is packed with lead calls and client meetings, leaving no room to breathe or tackle new opportunities, this is a green flag that your team needs to expand. An overflowing schedule can stifle business growth and personal well-being, making it hard to focus on anything beyond immediate tasks.

“If you find that you have no time left in your day for lead calls, this is an indicator that you might need a new team member.”

2. Marketing Standstill

When was the last time you revisited your marketing strategies? If you find yourself putting marketing on hold due to time constraints, this indicates a need for more hands on deck. Effective marketing is vital for business growth and to attract the right clients; neglecting it could stall your progress.

3. Back-to-Back Client Work

A calendar crammed with client appointments and no time for planning or strategic development is a signal to consider team expansion. Additional team members can take on operational tasks allowing you more space to focus on business development and client relationship management.

When you open your calendar and you have a look, do you have client work booked back to back throughout the whole day?… There’s no breathing room.

4. Skipping Breaks – Growing your team will give you breathing room to look after you.

Ignoring the need for breaks is a red flag for inefficiency. Continuous work without adequate pauses reduces productivity and increases stress levels, which is unsustainable in the long run.

“Leaders who can identify, hire, and cultivate employees who are humble, hungry, and smart will have a serious advantage over those who cannot.” ― Patrick Lencioni, The Ideal Team Player: How to Recognize and Cultivate The Three Essential Virtues

― Patrick Lencioni, The Ideal Team Player: How to Recognize and Cultivate The Three Essential Virtues

5. Cutting Corners

If you find yourself compromising on the quality and procedures that you’ve set for your business to save time, this is a sign of being over-stretched. Maintaining high standards in your services is crucial; hence, diluting quality for quantity might decrease client satisfaction and damage your reputation.

6. Zero Planning Time

The absence of clear planning times to think, strategize and reflect on your business performance and growth strategies can lead to stagnation. Expanding your team can free up your schedule, allowing for these essential activities.

7. Repetitive Workdays

Does every day feel the same? A monotonous routine isn’t just boring; it’s often inefficient. Injecting new minds into your team can bring fresh ideas and perspectives that rejuvenate your business operations.

Today feels like Groundhog Day every single day…If you’re repeating or feel like you’re repeating the same day over and over again and it’s becoming relentless or monotonous.

8. Defensive Client Interactions

Feeling burdened by client requests instead of excited to tackle them suggests it’s time to delegate these responsibilities. Balancing client interactions with mindfulness is critical to maintaining positive relationships and fostering business growth.

9. Drained Creativity – expanding your team will boost your creativity and gives you access to others’

A significant drop in creativity often signals burnout. Your creative input is invaluable, and feeling too drained to innovate is a clear indication that the operational load needs to be spread out.

10. Jealousy of Others’ Success

Watching peers achieve goals can inspire, but if it leads to jealousy or resentment because their success seems unattainable due to your constraints, it’s time to reassess your team structure. This could also highlight areas in pricing, value communication and client attraction strategies that need revision.

11. Hitting a Revenue Ceiling

If your income has plateaued because there are no more hours left in the day to increase your workload, this is a typical sign that growth is hampered by your current team’s capacity. Expanding might require upfront investment but can lead to greater revenues.

That’s a wrap. Today we answered the common questions about growing your team.

Recognising when to grow your team is crucial for not just sustaining business growth but enhancing your quality of life. I really hope that this post has helped you resolve some of the internal questions you may have. Some of the less-talked about questions, like:

  • Do I expand?
  • Don’t I expand?
  • How do I know if I am ready?
  • What’s the impact it will have on my business?

If you found this post useful, tune into the podcast episode where I go through each of the 11 indicators you’re ready to grow your team in more detail. In the next episode, I walk you through the steps of how it works to expand your team and how to do it successfully.

Over to You: Are you considering adding to your team?

Are you considering adding a new team member? What’s your biggest hurdle? Share in the comments, I’d love to know.

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