As an online business manager (OBM), you’re the linchpin holding your client’s business together. From streamlining operations to managing their team, your strategic expertise is invaluable. But one area where OBMs truly shine is launch management.

“The reason that I wanted to talk about launching is because in my communication with online business managers and OBMs in my community, a lot of them fall into launch managing. Or as OBMs, we’re looking at different areas we can specialise and one of those, a lot of the time tends to be launching.”

Online launches can make or break a business. Get the process right, and you’ll drive transformative revenue. But get it wrong, and you risk shattering your client’s credibility and your own reputation. That’s why mastering the art of launch management is essential for any ambitious OBM.

In this post, we’ll explore the four core roles OBMs play in orchestrating a successful online launch. Whether you’re new to launch management or a seasoned pro, you’ll discover essential insights to take your skills to the next level.

What this post covers:

    • OBMs are responsible for managing a diverse launch team, including copywriters, designers, ad managers, assistants, web developers, and marketing strategists.
    • Coordinating the myriad of launch-related tasks, from pre-launch events and list building to sales pages, checkout, social media, and tech integration, is a crucial OBM function.
    • Time management is essential, requiring OBMs to map out dependencies, communicate deadlines, and build in buffers to ensure a smooth launch timeline.
    • Serving as the “talent whisperer,” OBMs must maintain a calm, level-headed approach to anchor clients through the emotional ups and downs of the launch process.
    • OBMs can leverage specialised launch management training and templates to streamline their launch coordination efforts and deliver exceptional results for clients.
    • Launching online programs can be a lucrative specialisation for OBMs, provided they understand the nuances of this complex yet rewarding process.

Tune in to listen:

1. Managing the Launch Team

A seamless online launch requires the coordination of a diverse team – from copywriters and designers to ad managers and web developers. As the launch manager, you’re responsible for keeping this cast of characters aligned and productive.

“The first one is a copywriter. Launches are renowned for needing a lot of copy. So either your client is going to be writing a lot of copy, you’re going to be writing a lot of copy if you’ve specialised in copywriting, or your client will have a copywriter.

Your first step is identifying the key players. Typical launch team members include:

• Copywriters to craft compelling sales copy and content
• Designers to create eye-catching visuals and branded assets
• Ad managers to run paid traffic campaigns
• Assistants to handle administrative tasks
• Web developers to build and maintain launch pages
• Marketing strategists to plan the promotional roadmap

2. Coordinating Launch Tasks

Beyond wrangling the launch team, you’ll also be responsible for mapping out and executing the myriad tasks required for a successful launch. This includes:

  • Pre-Launch List Building: Driving pre-launch excitement is key to generating warm leads and momentum. You might oversee the creation of webinars, challenges, or other lead magnets to grow the email list.
  • Sales Pages and Checkout: Crafting a high-converting sales page, optimising the checkout process, and ensuring a seamless customer experience are all part of your remit.

“The purpose of any launch is to sell something at the end. I’ve never worked with anybody who hasn’t wanted to sell something at the end of a launch. And to do that, we need a way to communicate what we’re selling and then take money from people. And that’s where our sales pages come in, our thank you pages, our carts, so our online payment options.” – Leanne Woff

3. Keeping the Launch on Track

Speaking of timelines, as the launch manager you’re the gatekeeper of the launch calendar. It’s up to you to map out the sequence of events, set deadlines, and proactively identify potential bottlenecks.

“For our copywriter, that’s a lot of stuff. And we need to be able to brief them with heaps of time in advance and let them know when the next pieces are coming so that they can schedule appropriately.” – Leanne Woff 

Careful coordination is crucial here. If the copywriter falls behind, it impacts the designers, web developers, and content schedulers. That’s why over-communicating deadlines and progress is so vital.

4. Serving as the “Talent Whisperer”

Beyond the tactical execution, one of the most important roles you’ll play as the launch manager is that of “talent whisperer” for your client.

“If they’re panicking about whether they’ve done enough marketing, honestly, if you’re in the middle of the launch and you’re worried if you’ve done enough marketing, it’s too late to do anything about it.” – Leanne Woff

When the launch anxiety sets in and your client starts to panic, it’s your job to cut through the emotion with logic and reason. Remind them of the solid plan you’ve put in place. Reassure them that the marketing assets are ready, the team is aligned, and the timeline is on track.

“It’s your job to be the anchor and to be able to gently help them through that rollercoaster.” – Leanne Woff

Ultimately, your role as the “talent whisperer” is to help your client stay present, focused, and resilient throughout the launch process. It’s a delicate balance, but one that can make the difference between a successful launch and a total meltdown.

5. Launching Your Launch Management Expertise

As an OBM, mastering launch management can open up a lucrative specialisation and transform your value proposition. Clients will come to see you as a launch expert – a trusted partner who can reliably deliver exceptional results, no matter how complex the process.

Of course, honing these launch management skills takes time and practice. But the rewards are well worth the effort. Not only will you elevate your own business, but you’ll also empower your clients to reach new heights of success.

Over to You

Mastering the art of launch management is a game-changer for ambitious OBMs. By taking on the four core roles outlined in this post – managing the launch team, coordinating critical tasks, keeping the timeline on track, and serving as the “talent whisperer” – you can position yourself as an indispensable partner for clients looking to drive transformative results through their online launches.

The rewards of developing these specialised launch management skills are manifold. Not only will you elevate your own value and earn premium rates, but you’ll also empower your clients to reach new heights of success and in the process, you’ll gain an unparalleled level of business-critical expertise that will serve you well throughout your OBM career.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to dive into Leanne Woff’s full podcast episode and start charting your path to launch management mastery. Where will this newfound expertise take your OBM business? The sky’s the limit.

How can honing your launch management skills as an OBM unlock new levels of growth and success for both you and your clients? Share your experiences in the comments below or send us a message.

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